With DC Media it is possible to have a display switch between multiple layouts. This document describes the process of playing out two or more layouts in a single playlist. In the example below we are going to switch from a complex layered playlist to a single layered layout showing a full screen sign with a 7 day weather forecast, and then back to the complex playlist:

Getting Started

In the DC Media Scheduler application, you may already have one or more of your playlists created already, if not, create all the layouts that you need to display:

Now click on a playlist icon and drag the icon into the asset window, this will create a playlist asset. This asset behaves in the same manner as any other asset, in that you can add it to a loop list or a schedule list. Drag each playlist icon into the asset management window in order to create all the required playlist assets (note that you can continue to make changes to these playlists as the playlist asset link is dynamic).

Once you have created your playlist assets, create a new playlist that will serve as the master playlist and then drag each of your playlist assets into the loop list of the master playlist:

Note that when you drag the playlist asset into the looped content list of the master playlist, the default duration assigned to the playlist asset is 1 hour, you may want to change this duration to suite your display requirements.  You can now upload the Master Playlist to your players and in doing so, the Scheduler will also upload the playlist assets and any content required by those playlists. If you make any changes to either of the playlists represented as playlists assets, simply just upload the Master Playlist again to ensure that your changes are uploaded to the players.