How to preview playlists created in the DC Media Cloud CMS

Download and install the Cloud Preview software using the link provided on the CMS Welcome Page:

Once you have installed the software, double click on the DC Media CMS Preview icon on your desktop. You will be asked to authenticate using your CMS username and password.

After successful authentication, the application will retrieve a list of playlists in your CMS account:

To preview a playlist, click on the playlist icon and then click Preview. The playlist and it's content will be downloaded to your computer, the application will only download content that is not already in the DC Media content folder, this means that any subsequent previewing of a playlist will be quicker than the first time. Once all the content has been downloaded, the player software will be launched to display the playlist. To close the player software, press Esc or Alt+F4.

Meta Tag content selection

If a playlist contains any content with conditional meta tags, you will be prompted to first select a player name. This player name will be used to simulate the selected player downloading the playlist.

Playlists within playlists

Please note: If your playlist contains other playlists as assets, the playlist assets must be approved in the CMS before they will be displayed correctly in the playlist that is being previewed.