The following terms of are used often through the product suite:

Scheduler The DC Media Scheduler is used to register multimedia, manage your multimedia library and create playlists. The scheduler is also used to upload content and playlists to players.
Player The DC Media Player runs as a full screen application and plays multimedia content according to the structure of a playlist file.
Asset Any multimedia content that exists as a file, or an online resource (such as a website).
Playlist A list of assets that will be displayed according to scheduled dates and times, or just simple loop.
Layer An area of the display that has been designated to play content within the specified coordinates. A playlist can contain one or more layers. Layers are synonymous with zone.
Codec A 3rd party software component that is required to decode a specific multimedia format, such as MPEG4 or MPEG2.
Proof of Play A log file created every day detailing how many times each asset has been played out.
Day Parting A point in time whereby content playback is either halted or started. For example, a day parting at 11am can be used to split a loop of content between breakfast items and lunch items.
Digital Sign A proprietary DC Media file format with the file extension .dsn. Digital Signs can contain static and dynamic elements.
Scrolling Ticker A scrolling message that moves horizontally or vertically on the display, the source of the text is often RSS news.
Campaign A method of associating multiple assets into a single virtual asset, when the playlist is uploaded to the player one of the assets will be selected by matching meta tags between the asset and the player.
Media RSS An RSS feed that includes images, usually the images are designed for full screen playback.